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 Union County Schools
 Fundraiser's in school
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Posted - 10/30/2009 :  09:01:46 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Once again the old nemisis roll's around, namely: Fund Raiser's in school. I am looking at 2 right now.

With the present economy and so many people out of work, doesn't this seem crass? If a child cannot sell, because of a multitude of reasons. safety, distance between homes and rural area, they are somewhat ostracized in school and reduces they feeling of self worth.

It is suggested that the students sell at their hairstylist, friends, and other business associates, please give me a break, how much of this goes on? At most business there is a corporate rule that no fundraising materials can be sold at that business by employees. The whole idea of a fundraiser borders on failure at the onset.

I adopted the rule many years ago that I nor my family would ever participate in a fundraiser. I much prefer just to make a capital donation, then the organization keeps all the money.

For instance I am looking a a fundraiser that states if every student sells just two (2) $10. certificates then the school gets to keep a whopping $800 dollars. There are approximately 1100 students in UCHS, so that figures out to $44,000 dollars, now who gets all the money?

Assuming the fundraising organization is only 120 students, then the money collected as a capital donation would be $2400 in lieu of the $480 from the fundraising company.In a fundraiser the company always get's the biggest piece of the pie to the chagrin of the students.

I believe parents would much rather just donate $ 10 or $20 and not fool with a fundraiser. Yes, I know some families cannot afford that right now, but you will always have this problem.

I am just stating the organization would be better served and realize more money by doing away with fundraisers altogether, explain the need and just ask for a capital donation.

To simply, our school tax should pay for all this, not whine about not having any money!!!

What is your opinion?


Lake Runner

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Posted - 10/30/2009 :  10:52:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

My son does not go to school in Umion County, but I completely agree. His school recently held a Sally Foster fund raiser. We live in Atlanta and if you took the 100 homes around us, at least 30 of those have school age kids. The rest are retired. We bought a few things we would use, but that was it.

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Posted - 10/30/2009 :  2:29:41 PM  Show Profile  Visit meg's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I work at school and I really don't like the fundraisers either. One easy way to help the schools is to sign up for the Ingles Tools for Schools and Bi-Lo Boosters programs. Once you register for them you don't have to think about them again for another year. And they don't cost you anything either - the stores just give a percentage of what you spend to the school.

Union County schools do have a tight budget this year though. I know a lot of teachers are buying classroom supplies such as copy paper with their own money.Go to Top of Page


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Posted - 10/31/2009 :  11:04:39 AM  Show Profile  Visit GrayEagle's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I don't live up there right now like Lake Runner, but have the same concerns as the rest.  However, I must somewhat take issue with Meg about the tight budget in the UC school system.  I just received my tax bill for up there and my taxes for the SCHOOL system is about $23 dollars short of being DOUBLE of what the county taxes are.  This tells me that Lamar (no big love for him) is doing a much better job of managing the county budget than the school commission (or whoever it is) is doing.  And I don't have any children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren in the UC system.

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Posted - 10/31/2009 :  6:44:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit meg's Homepage  Reply with Quote
GrayEagle, I can empathize with you on the property tax situation. I recently got my property tax bill too and it was about the same amount as a month and a half's take-home pay for me. Still, I don't see a lot of waste at the elementary school where I work. There is a lot of money spent on coaching staff at the high school, and I'm not into sports much at all so that seems like a waste, but a lot of people do like sports and think they are worthwhile. I don't know.

One thing that hurt Union County schools this year is that the state cut out $1.5 million of what they normally fund for the schools and the county had to pick up the tab for that because the state still requires the same level of instruction even though they don't want to pay as much for it.

Another thing, in Union County the school is one of the largest employers in the county with a staff of over 600 people. That takes a huge amount of money for salaries, even though the only people with large salaries are the administration and central office staff. I don't think the county government has nearly as many employees, so that is probably why the school portion of the tax bill is larger.
Also, the schools aren't as self-supporting as other areas of the county government are because they don't collect user fees. For example, if you take trash to the county transfer station you have to pay a fee, the law enforcement and court systems collect fines and fees, the environmental division collects fees for septic tank permits, etc. Because of these fees, they don't have to have as much tax money as the schools do.

Of course, I don't know everything that goes on in the schools, and I'm sure we could find ways to save a little more. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do that the superintendent would probably like to hear them.

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Posted - 10/31/2009 :  8:41:29 PM  Show Profile  Visit columbiaov102's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I don't know how the schools apply in GA but there is a lot of Stimulus money still available for school districts. The Stimulus money has saved a lot of schools, teacher jobs and higher taxes in many States, including GA.
Union County may have already applied, and maybe received, but with the dollars still available it might be worth inquiring.
GA received $6.4 billion in Stimulus funds and has given some to local school districts, but there is still a lot left.Go to Top of Page

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Posted - 11/01/2009 :  09:41:50 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
As for as I know, which I admit is limited, I do not know of much stimulus money being used for UC schools. Yes, the education portion of our taxes is top loaded, the administration and staff recieve an inordinate amount of the money, much to the negative impact on the teachers.

You could write a book on the joke that is called "stimulus" money.

As for as coaches are concerned, I have always subscribed to the notion( as a vast majority of the states and school districts do) that coaches be paid to coach only, not paid to teach and coach. You are either qualified to teach or coach , not both. You cannot do justice to both.

If I am wrong please correct me, but isn't the new complex being constructed adjacent to the school being built with SPLOST money?

Union is a small rural area with a low income base. This computes to less money in the coffer to use. Granted, some of the problem is the backward thinking of the administration. That being said, it is painfully obvious that the vast majority of the state money is still going to the big metro school districts as well as the preponderance of the HOPE scholarship money. Don't give me that stuff about each student getting an equal amount based on need, that is baloney.

This is getting of topic. I still think fundraisers are self defeating and do more harm than good. All I know is that my children are not going to stand at an intersection to sell donuts so KK can get a big profit from young salespersons who are unfairly compensated, and not going door to door or sell overpriced merchandise to friends and neighbors to get a cheap imported piece of junk as a prize.

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