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 Snow stories
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Posted - 10/30/2007 :  1:27:41 PM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
We've had a reader write in and ask about snow in Blairsville, especially around Christmas.  We know it does snow in Blairsville (and have the pictures to prove it at, and typically not around Christmas, but we'd like to hear some of your stories about snow to share along with our answer.


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Posted - 10/30/2007 :  1:54:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

3  words.


THAT WAS THE BESTEST OF ALL. Even though I was 11 day's without electricity it was really a cool snowfall.

We don't have snow like we use to when I went to school. If we all throw away our hairspray maybe the ozone layer would heal and it would snow again.


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Posted - 10/30/2007 :  9:08:44 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I will NEVER EVER FORGET the blizzard of 1993!

Was out of power for 10 days and nights!

The only good thing I can say about it is, it was beautiful!

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Posted - 10/30/2007 :  9:39:14 PM  Show Profile  Visit nativelady's Homepage  Reply with Quote

I'll never forget the Blizzard of '93 either. First of all it was my birthday and being home with 3 kids that did not understand that the TV just won't work without power nor the playstations or whatever they had then..Nintendo maybe? Hubby drove a propane truck during that time and they had to use their personal 4 wheel drives approx 16-17 hours a day to get to the elderly to supply heat with a line T'd into another gas line ...Very sad situations arose from those stories. My water from Coosa Water finally ran out and being home 14 days without power (Hubby says 14..I thought it was 10) but anyways...I melted snow to give sponge baths to the little ones...and to "wash dishes"...if you had to "tinkle" then I told the boys to go make "yellow snow" and Peachy and I done things a little different. My in laws lived just down in Dawsonville and she had called me (I did have phone service) and I guess she heard it in my voice that it was a bad situation. They drove up here and could not believe that just an hour away was that big of a difference. They only had 7 or 8 inches to our approx 3 feet of snow. My dad's cattle was a major chore for him during all this. I forget now what he had to put on his feet to walk to the pasture because the drifts were over his head. Blairsville was NOT prepared for this. No one was. I mean I went and bought a few things that would hold us for 3 days or so..Never thought it would be 2 weeks. Trees uprooted right before my eyes while the winds howled and the heavy snow just toppled them over. I also realized that the water had came on at the neighbors house and not I thought ours must of been froze. I melted enough snow to thaw the pipes only to realize that the pipes were busted and that was when I believe I went to pieces...Literally! I called (paged his beeper) and told him  I knew everyone needed him but we needed him too! He worked almost 24 hours straight that night and next day, because he replumbed the house that night. My mother in law took the two oldest home with her. (she wanted all of them but I was like an ole dog..I had to have at least one pup to keep my sanity)...After the power came on ...I have had 20 something loads of laundry. And a house that was starting to fill up with melting snow that had weighed on the roof into the inner walls and windows. I had no problems cooking because we had propane stove...but during that time we had a furnace which was heated with propane but electricity powered the needless to say...That is gone and we now have gas logs and more furnaces for us. I will NEVER say what I said the day before the Blizzard hit...I was sitting outside on a March day sun shining with short sleeves on and the radio telling us that a Blizzard was coming...I laughed and said "Let it come butthole deep!" (wasn't nice I know) and well..It did...and never again do I want to go through another one of them! NEVER!

Snow on the other hand..I love and we do not get enough in my opinion. Nothing like it used too. Odd how the climate has changed but its actually warmer up here at times than in Atlanta...Oh well that's enough of my story.

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Posted - 10/31/2007 :  11:31:25 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I had 2 middle school boys at home and was pregnant at the time. We cooked on a kerosene heater and heated our bath water there also. We hung a heavy quilt up to close off the hallway and the rooms down there adn it kept all the heat in the kitchen, dining area and 1 bedroom. Lucky for us we had a sleeper sofa for the boys.

Long distance was out at the top of the mountain so we could only receive local calls. My dad wsa really stressed until about 4 day's later we could get out. No cell phones at that time. When we finally got some service I spoke to an operator and she said "Gosh, we hadn't heard form anyone in that area, and even thought we don't know anyone there, we are all glad to hear from you." I thought that was nice.

It was sad that some of the older people lost their lives due to the cold and lack of folks to get them meals. Very sad.

Our friend Pockets took his chainsaw and walked from his house way down on Moccassin up the road and around our circle cutting tress off of the line, hoping we could get electricity soon.

I still look at the pictures and amazed at how much snow fell. WOW!



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Posted - 10/31/2007 :  1:48:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Wow Nativelady- I got cold just reading your post-you are a very good storytellet!  Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Posted - 11/01/2007 :  8:22:16 PM  Show Profile  Visit fawn's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thanks for sharing your stories about the big blizzard.  I sure would like to have some snow this winter but no blizzards please!  When we bought our house our insurance man informed us right away about the blizzard of '93.  He strongly suggested that we have backup heat and another way to cook besides electric. 

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Posted - 11/02/2007 :  08:40:34 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I was not one of the ones who said the blizzard wasn't coming.  Native, I read your story and remember the time well.  The weathermen were giving all the predictions, and everyone was saying it wouldn't come.  I somehow knew it would.  My husband and I went to Murphy that Friday afternoon and on the way back stopped at Main Street Burgers--do any of you remember it?  We discussed the snow with the girl who was at the window.  A little sleet started falling during that time, and it only got worse.  The temperature changed so dramatically during that time there was thunder and lightening.  About midnight that night, we lost power. 

Our daughter had a trampoline at the time, and the snow weighted that thing down so it swagged to the groung before the springs started popping off.  We found the spring coils everywhere afterwards--out in the road, up in the woods--if someone had gotten hit by one, it would have knocked a hole in them. 

We had little dogs then which were low to the ground.  The snow basically covered them.  When they moved from one spot to another, the jumped.  They stayed in their dog house which was on the carport.  We have all these pictures of them in the snow.

My brother and his wife worked at Arbor Acres at that time.  They got out of the chicken house and headed home on the main high way. They live on a side road like two miles back. In their little truck, they couldn't make it in, so they started walking in the snow, wind, and dark.  One of their neighbors kept checking with their kids to see if they had made it home; the last time he called he struck out on his tractor because he had this feeling they needed help.  They had hardly made 1/8 of their way home when he found them struggling along.  They got on the tractor with him and he safely got them home.  Without doubt, they would have died.  He was a hero of the blizzard; I have also said their angel tapped him on the shoulder to prompt him to go out in a deathly situation to save them.

And, like Honey Bee, I was here when it snowed all the time in the winter. It was great!!  I loved it, and I miss it terribly that the snows don't come like they did.  They were one of the best things about living here.  It was so exciting to hear there would be no school either in the mornings or that night because the snow was still on the ground. 

I think everyone who lived here during that time has a treasure trove of pictures. 


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Posted - 12/13/2007 :  8:41:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It wasn't so bad in my neighborhood, Mom lives below me, along with my sibblings in various houses around. Mom has a wood cook stove most winters we cook on it just because it's better eating ! During the blizzard plenty of trees were down wood for the heaters wasn't an issue, we have home grown groceries about the only thing we didn't have during the blizzard was power so we had to entertain ourselves with stories from days gone by neighbors helped neighbors with wood, food and water, checking on the elderly in our community. I think in a way the blizzard brought us precious memories we wouldn't have today it slowed us down made me realize the people right there in that community was what brought me joy and happiness, we laughed together struggled together everything accomplished was accomplished by the entire neighborhood together as a team, no mater what I may accomplish in my life time nothing would mean more to me than the sharing and caring I experienced during the blizzard of 93 some of those people have passed on but the memories will stay with me the rest of my life.

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