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 Union County Schools
 School funding
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Posted - 02/01/2007 :  1:05:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
For the lack of a better topic, I am placing her since it does involve Union,

Silently and without fanfare the congress is allowing the education special regorm act to expire without renewal in March 2007. This will mean the 385 million dollars that had been sent to states that qualified, of which there were 41 and included Georgia.

What this means is there will be no federal funding for special ed teachers, foreign language, para pro's, some band teacher reductions, reductions in funding for school activities, no teacher salary supplements. W. Va, Kentucky and Mississippi will be hit the hardest, Georgia is in the top 10.

Georgia's budget does not have any additional funding for schools, and the govorner is proposing changing the HOPE funding to Pre K and scholarships only. so it looks like schools and counties are going to have to suck it up and pay their own way or cut back on education. How much further can we cut back? Georgia is already 49th out of fifty states and on a local level Union is way behind in SAT scores.

The kids will suffer because of this. Let's see, who is now in control of Congress????



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Posted - 02/17/2007 :  8:07:30 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I noticed that the State has dropped funding in the amount of $106,000 for Union County Schools. This is in addition to the portion in the $368 billion that will not be coming to Georgia this year.

The end result , per some teachers, is no new school books, no additional services, cutbacks in computor's etc. I guess the kids in school are the sacrificial lambs. I think the time has come for an overhaul of the entire school sysrems. Public schools cannot seem to get the job done.

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Posted - 02/19/2007 :  2:24:02 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Have any of you heard that the school system has hired a social worker and a secretary for this person? I thought there was great budget cuts, but apparently there is not that big a problem in Union.

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Posted - 02/19/2007 :  2:51:10 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Babyloo, it all depends on priorities. Do you want the best for the kids, or just spend the money to make life easier?

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Posted - 02/20/2007 :  08:39:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Shucks, I am very much an advocate for the students. I am just wondering how many students will be impacted with the addition of a social worker as opposed to a classroom teacher. It is my understanding that there will be no new hires for the classrooms and that there will be no replacements for some who are retiring this year.
I fully understand and appreciate that the social worker position might be the result of a grant for which the Union County schools might have qualified.

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Posted - 02/20/2007 :  10:36:33 AM  Show Profile  Visit ShadowMan's Homepage  Reply with Quote
The first question that struck me when I saw this is "what does a school social worker do?" and "How does it differ from a guidance counselor?" and "What about existing social services provided outside the school?"

So I ended up here <click> while looking for my answers. The definitions out of this publication <click> though helped with understanding the differences:

Counseling a process where some students receive assistance from professionals who assist them to overcome emotional and social problems or concerns which may interfere with learning.
Guidance a process of regular assistance that all students receive from parents, teachers, school counselors, and others to assist them in making appropriate educational and career choices.
School Counseling and Guidance Services guidance program planning, implementation and evaluation; individual and group counseling; classroom and small group guidance; career and educational development; parent and teacher consultation; and referral.
School Social Work/Visiting Teacher Services technical assistance on school climate issues; assessment and intervention, including written social histories; individual, group, and family counseling; and networking of appropriate home, school, and community services to address identified student problems.
Student Support Services (SSS) integrated and collaborative programs of school counseling and guidance services, school climate management and student discipline, school health services, school psychology services, alternative education programs, and school social work/visiting teacher services, provided individually or through a team approach, to all students at all grade levels.

I think there still might be some overlap with regular social services, but this role appears to be focused on school-age social areas in much the same way that a pediatrician is focused on medicine particular to children.

The page I referenced earlier notes a defined funding formula as 1 school social worker for every 2,475 students.

Like many things the school system spends money on, this one seems to be dictated to the BoE by state and federal requirements, rather than an optional service to be provided.


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Posted - 02/21/2007 :  10:32:42 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I know that the schools use the Student Support Services; in fact, the teachers who comprise this intervention are the Student Support Team. Ideally, this team is made up of the student's teachers, the school's principal, guidance counselor, and most importantly the parent. Students who receive this type of service do not qualify for SPED services, which is too bad. With a little more help, I believe they could overcome some of their problems. In Georgia, if a student is tested for SPED, s/he must have a strength and a weakness with at least a two grade span between the areas tested, namely reading and math skills.
In all probablity, this social worker position has resulted from a grant. It is too bad that there are state/federal grants out there to ensure more classroom or SPED teachers are hired. Since they had direct contact with the children on a day to day basis, I believe it would be worthwhile for everyone.

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Posted - 03/16/2007 :  12:23:15 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I honestly do not know where to put this.. but Lil Doc done the doughnut thing, and I was glad it was doughnuts rather than the candy bars.. those are hard for kids to sell.. and most people would say things like they could buy those at Ingles 3/$1.09 and/ or how many of you kids are gonna knock at my door..

The idea is to raise money for their trips.. and yes, its for a good cause too.. and now, they want her to sell cokes..

And Weela, we had to pay for her trip today.. $40.00. Not complaining. I want my child to go rather stay out and get graded for not attending.. and not have the memories to follow as well.. however, this has been kinda stressing because she has been excited about the "special snacks" they are selling during break times.. and well.. I havent and cant afford those "special snacks" every day.. so Ive given her chore money.. same with Lil Doc.. ever other day.. I will/would ask them to do something that isnt really on the chore list to earn the money for special snacks and such.. like working with me in the yard.. and helping with the boys read, and do ABCs.. kinda tutoring stuff.. thing is, Weela has been taking her lunch money on the days that I havent been able to give that extra and paying for snacks cause it is for raising money for those who cant afford to pay.. This is fine.. and LORD KNOWS my Weela has a huge heart and Fairness is her way for all.. and Im proud of that.. but I dont think as a child she understands because when I got her balance from the lunch room.. I asked her what she was doing with her lunch money.. and she said.. but momma.. if I dont buy the special snacks.. then other kids or I might not get to go..

She knew that we were paying for her to go..sigh.. but she felt she had to do this..

We had this chat.. and she said,... I will not do it again momma..
Thankfully the school still fed her.. but when I got the balance.. I was beside myself.. that is extra that we didnt know about.. and Im not talking a couple of dollars either.. I have faith now that we have discussed this issue that she will not do it again.. and understands.. and I kindly dont know how exactly I feel on the school pushing the kids and parents when I know for ourselves.. we do what can do already..

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Posted - 03/28/2007 :  02:08:56 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Re: social worker you do know who got that job.. it is TS daugther funny how that works ain't it?

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Posted - 03/29/2007 :  12:17:46 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Re: social worker you do know who got that job.. it is TS daugther funny how that works ain't it?
HIS WHOLE FAMILY IS NOW EMPLOYEED BY THE SCHOOL SYSTEM!!!!! check it out son, daughter, wife, step son and daughter in law. Do you need more.
Son and daugther in the last months in a budget crunch!!! yeah right

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puddin pop

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Posted - 01/22/2008 :  7:27:05 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My daughter participated in the magazine fundraiser at the beginning of the school year. They were sent out a long time ago. Well, today two different people have called our house saying they got another magazine fundraiser envelope in the mail. It was copied and sent out again it looks like. These people were not upset but wanted me to tell my daughter they had already ordered magazines. They wondered if I knew they had been sent out again. I didn't. This is upsetting to me, because I don't want to be hounding people for magazine orders. I will not be filling out any ever again.

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Posted - 01/22/2008 :  7:49:05 PM  Show Profile  Visit ShadowMan's Homepage  Reply with Quote
puddin, we got one of those in the mail today that my daughter had filled out and I couldn't quite make out what was wrong with it. You helped me see what was wrong - I had already seen one of these before (and I'm guessing her grandma and others did too) and now here they are with copies sending them out again. I've told all my kids I don't like them filling these things out. I'd rather give my kid the five or ten dollars for whatever the fundraiser is for than give names, addresses, and phone numbers of loved ones for direct marketing campaigns like this.

Boo to QSP, Inc. for being the fundraising company doing these selling practices, and boo to Reader's Digest Association, Inc., the owner of QSP, Inc.

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Posted - 01/22/2008 :  7:49:11 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I hate that QSP thing! We always put our friends on there & they put us on theirs too. We just swap them out with each other. They dangle that "carrot" in front of the kids' faces to get them to fill out the whole thing, but I agree with you Puddin, I'm not doing it anymore either!

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
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