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6/21/2009 Connect With Us! is now on and!  Follow us on Twitter @blairsville_com and become a fan of us on Facebook!

2006 - 2009

It's been a busy few years for everyone - most of the updates to are announced in the forums during this time period.

12/5/2006 Show off your pet!

Our pets are important companions in our lives and we take pictures of them as often, or perhaps more often, than we look around and take a picture of our beautiful geography.  So we've created a gallery for pictures of your pet - for display right here on!  Click here for the pictures.  Send a favorite picture or two of your pets that you'd like to be included in this gallery to: .  Mad4Martinis has started us off with a particularly seasonal submittal!

11/5/2006 Letter to Community

We've released an open letter to the Blairsville, Georgia community regarding recent and old concerns about the purpose of this website and past abuses that occurred prior to BoeBro Ventures, Inc. purchase of the site in March of 2006.  Click here to read the letter.

10/12/2006 Member-submitted pictures are here!

We've got a gallery for your pictures of our beautiful area now - for display right here on!  Click here for the pictures.  If you have a picture or two you'd like to share with everyone, Email them to to be included in this gallery.

9/28/2006 Desktop Backgrounds added

We all know how beautiful Blairsville is. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to glance out the window at that beauty though.  You're in luck if that's the case - we've got desktop backgrounds for you to remind you why this truly is the best place to come back to.  Take a look at them: Click here .  Let us know if there's other scenes you'd like to see.

9/4/2006 Picture Gallery added

We've added pictures from the Labor Day Cruise-in On The Square where classic, antique, muscle, or special-interest cars were displayed. For a peek at the Blairsville Cruisers: Click here for the pictures.  Keep an eye out for forthcoming galleries of other Blairsville-area photos and events.

8/10/2006 New ID Certifications Available

We've added a capability of certified IDs, where businesses, government and church officials can post with validated IDs, flagged to show that they have the authority to speak for their organization.  Check out the details here, and look for the certified IDs in your forums!

7/16/2006 Member-Participation Area Usage Policy Updated

Part II, Section 3 was added.  Posts containing unsubstantiated negative allegations of fact about a person, company, or other organization, whether directly or indirectly referenced or named in the post, will be deemed offensive and removed. Unsubstantiated facts will include all statements which are not supported directly by a separately published and publicly accessible report, story, document, or similar item, or are your own personal experience. Information you received from another person is not your own personal experience.

Other organizational changes were made.

Click here for the full usage policy.

7/9/2006 Added new government officials listing

Under the "About Blairsville" page, we've added a link to an Elected and other Government Representatives page, with phone numbers, email addresses, and web pages as available for each.  We hope you find it useful!

6/22/2006 New Navigation Links Up Top

We heard your grumblings that we hid the forums, so we've added a special navigation menu at the very top of the page so you can always find them!  You can access all of the Blairsville.comSM specific information from this bar, and the main bar is now focused on Blairsville itself.

6/22/2006 Blairsville.comSM Gathering Certificates

At the recent Blairsville.comSM Gathering, BoeBro Ventures, Inc. (the owner of Blairsville.comSM) gave out six certificates recognizing certain members.  Click here to see what they were (or if one was presented to you!) and to download and print the awards if you would like to do so.

6/14/2006 Flag Day

6/10/2006 Added new Shop section to Blairsville.comSM

We've added a new Shop section for our site!  In addition to the Blairsville.comSM shirts, there's a number of books listed written by local authors and/or about our area.  Check out this useful addition at your earliest opportunity.

6/9/2006 Blairsville.comSM Shirts!

Get the shirt that shows you know where to go to be in the know about Blairsville, Georgia! Wear your Blairsville.comSM shirt, now available online. Hurry and get yours now!   Click here for information.

6/9/2006 News To Know section added to the Blairsville.comSM

We added a News section to highlight important activities concerning Blairsville.  Keep an eye on this new feature!

6/9/2006 Happenings section added to Blairsville.comSM

As part of our plan to bring better information about Blairsville to you, we added a Happenings section which points to and brings together News, the Events Calendar, and the Forums.  This also moved Forums off the top navigation bar.

5/27/2006 Memorial Day in Blairsville

5/24/2006 Congratulations Class of 2006!

5/20/2006 Armed Forces Day




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